Former Staff Spotlight: Emily McCabe Alger


Emily McCabe Alger

What years were you at Camp, and what were your positions?

Camper – 1976-1980
CIT – 1980-1981
SC – 1982 -1984
Staff – 1985-1988
1985 and 1986 Arts and Crafts, Wilson Left
1987 and 1988 Archery and Girls Outpost

What have you been up to since Camp?

After graduating from SCSU I have been working in the field of education on many levels.  I am currently the UCONN 4-H Program Coordinator for Middlesex County.  I also am the official liaison between the University and the Middlesex County Camp Board.  I have a beautiful daughter Mikayla, who is 18 and I have been married to my awesome husband Joe since 1991.  We have a small farm in East Haddam.

What’s your favorite part about Camp?

That is difficult to pin down, I pretty much love everything about camp!  

I especially loved my time as an SC and on Staff because I made life-long friends at camp. There are no friends like camp friends – and they are “forever friends” the kind that are gold.

As a camper, camp was such a different experience than school for me.  I was confident and happy, I felt supported and felt like I was “home”.  I was not judged, but appreciated for what I brought to the table.  Such a freeing experience, I truly feel I would not be the person I am today without having had the Middlesex County (4-H) Camp experience.  I am happy that my daughter and both my nieces have had similar experiences at camp, even though the staff and times change – camp is still providing our family the unique opportunity to have a special place in the summer.