Camp 2014: Weekly Wrap Up: Week 8

Welcome to Middlesex County Camp Week 8, where we were Glowing all night every night! With over 100 kids, the staff was pumped and ready for the giant week ahead!

With Monday nights activities under way all 115 kids took to upper field and played ultimate Frisbee, Nuke-Em and Dodgeball together.

Week 8 was Tye-Dye’s biggest week, with easily over 30 items, Carlie and Kristen had a lot of work to do Thursday!

Rocketry got explosive this week with the experiment Elephants Toothpaste taking place on Friday. After building and launching rockets on Monday and Tuesday, the hunt began to find all the adventurous rockets by Friday!

Wall had three very full cores this week. All the cores had enthusiastic kids ready for both the wall and the Zipline! Two awesome climbers this week were Nicole and Brandon who owned the easy wall and loved the Zipline – after a little encouragement, of course.

After the rain passed, some of MCC’s most artistic campers and counselors showed off their talents at Wednesday night’s talent show! From pitch perfect singers to breakdancing – MCC had it all! Beat boxers , Water Chuggers and Counselor impersonations, guitarists and Rubix cube competitions were just a few of the creative acts.

Thursday brought with it a ray of sunshine. The sky was clear and MCC was drying out. With campers experiencing Shipwreck night once again, there was a struggle before the dance! Once dinner was out of the way, the MCC ladies and gentlemen took to the cabins and bathrooms to doll themselves up, ready to make an entrance for the last dance of the summer. Without a doubt Thursday nights dance was the best by far! With every camper and staff member in the Morten Building covered in glow sticks the night was brilliant! After tears and a lot of hugs the kids finally fell asleep, waiting for the final day of Camp in 2014.

Friday brought with it a Staff Watermelon eating contest, and some ridiculous skits by Steve at Morning flag. With tears already started, Candlelight was the most emotional one of the summer!