Camp 2014: Weekly Wrap Up: Week 7

Middlesex County Camp’s theme for Week 7 was Disney/Pixar! With all the staff assigned to a character, All Camp on Wednesday night was the best by far. The kids helped the counselors dress up as their character, many painted head to toe, some with their hair standing on end and. Even Princess Anna from Frozen made an appearance.

Horse had a lot of fun this week. Not only did they ride and bathe some horses, they also got to paint Pickles! Pickles became a rainbow horse this week with so many finger paint designs on him from the kids and counselors. After a bath, Pickles decided it would be a great idea to role in the dirt and get muddy. Good Job, Pickles.

Kinder Camp this week we had Holly. Holly had a ball with Carlie, testing out the pool and exploring the woods on a nature hike! Holly even went down MCC’s new Zipline!

Rocketry was back this week and it sure started with a bang! With 12 rockets built and launched on day two the kids then did science experiments the rest of the week. Some included blowing up lunch bags, taking part in a rocket balloon race and even the good ol’ Mentos and coke geysers.

Nature this week went on many adventures around camp. Going to the mud pit to catch bugs, worms and spiders was a highlight for many of the kids. They played the Farmer game and made peanut butter bird feeders. Nature also took a stroll to the stream collecting leaves along the way to do some leaf rubbings for one of the next day’s activities.

In wilderness this week fires were built and water was purified. Children got really messy in the mud pit, coming back with mud up to their knees. After being split into two teams, shelters were constructed and tested to see if they could withstand nature’s elements.

A new round of 13 CITs joined MCC. CIT core had lots to do. There were a lot of group building exercises on the ropes course in the woods, planning and running camp activities and partaking in All Camp; which meant dressing up as a Disney character too. After reading through the staff manual the CIT’s got creative and acted out “What if” scenario’s.

Tye-Dye this week turned out amazing! With shirts, pillow cases and hoodies, Middlesex County Camp will be rocking tye-dye for weeks to come!

Thursday nights dance was magical this week, with the guest appearance of Princess Anna. But sadly she left early as her Kingdom needed her. Nevertheless, her royal guests danced the night away, until the clock stuck nine and the royal dance hall turned back into the Morten Building; Leaving all the guests to return safely to their cabins for Amedita and a dreamy slumber.