Camp Testimonials 2013: The Staff

Hands down, the staff and counselors make camp what it is every summer. That’s why our Board of Directors and Camp Director work tirelessly to build the best camp staff for your children each and every summer. Our staff comes from all over the world – from just over the river to countries like England, South Africa, Australia, and Czech Republic.

We get it – if you’ve never been to our camp before, how do you know our staff will take the utmost care of your children for the week? What separates our staff from the rest? To help rest those concerns, here’s what our parents and campers said about our staff from 2013:

  1. Everyone is very sympathetic to all the campers needs and needs of their families. They areextremely knowledgeable and my kids have loved going here.
  2. These are amazing people that do a fabulous thing for our kids. My son walked away with self-confidence that he had such a hard time building before this. This was year 2 and we will be back next year.
  3. We had a great time with all of the counselors from all over the world.
  4. The people are wonderful and recognize my kids every year. Definitely great long lasting memories.
  5. Camp is great. She never wants to leave. The campers, CIT’s and counselors are so amazing and the experience is beyond awesome.
  6. My children love the camp so for that I am grateful. They love the staff and counselors so it’s all good.
  7. Amazing staff. Very supportive and attentive.
  8. Very pleasant and sincere day camp counselors!!! We love them!!