Wrap Up: Camp 2013: Week 8


With our final week of the summer upon us, we celebrated week 8 with the theme of Knights and Ladies! The week began with camper and staff members being divided into 4 different kingdoms; Earth Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Water Kingdom, and Air Kingdom!

Due to the weather, we were unable to do our usual Tuesday night cook out. However, we didn’t let that slow us down. Instead, we had a pageant for each of the kingdoms to participate in. Two CIT’s from each group were chosen and transformed into the prince and princess of their Kingdom through the help of their loyal subject. The show then began with a runway walk and strut where the judges evaluated based on costume and creativity! We continued with a talent portion for each of the Royals to present, followed by a kingdom wide song or chant. The final portion of the pageant was the congeniality portion of the show where each contestant was asked a question about changing the world. The answers had the audience laughing and cheering for their favorite kingdom! The pageant was a huge hit and the entire camp enjoyed the entertainment and all together hilariousness of the night!

The celebration continued with our usual Wednesday night All Camp. This week, the activities included a sandcastle contest, the hilarious and entertaining game of “Kings and Castles”, as well as sword fighting! The big hit of the night had to be the “Kings and Castles” game which is similar to Simon-Says. The game had the kids and staff laughing hysterically and everyone appeared to be having a great time. The activities of the night were perfectly suited for the theme of Knights and Ladies and it seemed to be a big hit!

For our final night here at camp for summer 2013, we went out with a bang! The dance was extra exciting and everyone seemed to be having a great time! There was dancing and singing and the campers and staff were more than happy to pose for pictures and rightfully so as they looked like superstars!

For an exciting finally to our week, we had a watermelon eating and watermelon thigh crushing contest! It was a huge hit and it had everyone practically falling over with laughter! The watermelon thigh crushing contest was so entertaining as each of the counselors struggled to crush their watermelon. The faces made were priceless! As for the watermelon eating contest, there was one involving counselors and another involving CIT’s and campers. Again, everyone was laughing and cheering on the participants!

This week has been a fun and excitement filled week that has created memories that will last a lifetime! We are really sad to see this summer come to an end but at the same time we are so happy to look back and can’t help but to smile at all of these memories made. The friendships that we have created and the little jokes and stories will forever be in our hearts. This summer has truly been amazing and were are already looking forward to summer 2014!