Interview with Camp Director Stephanie Sinesi

We’re very exciting to have Stephanie Sinesi back this year for our Camp Director. After 4 years as a director and over a decade on staff, Steph sure knows a lot about our Camp. As such, we wanted to pick her brain and see what she thinks and feels about this upcoming summer.

1.)   You’ve been our Camp Director for the past three years now – wow! Why did you choose to return to Middlesex County Camp this year?

The decision was not difficult; my love of camp came first. I can’t imagine my summer anywhere else. The campers are what keep me coming back. Watching these kids over a decade grow is nothing short of phenomenal. I should also tell you I started off in the Kitchen at Middlesex County Camp. My time with this outstanding community has been ten years. I cannot imagine my life without camp.

2. What has been the rewarding part of molding our staff not only into great counselors, but also incredible young people?

Oh my gosh, there are so many thing over the years that have come to mind. My first thoughts are that at camp we are a family. With a family this large, my counselors are my kids. Each and every one is my own. Professionally I treat them as co-workers, but with an iron fist. Yes, they are my friends, but, in the end, they are employees.

Counselors bond during our staff training, happening the week before camp starts. Each year we go through a vigorous week of teachings and certifications to ensure that everyone is up to par for the safety of the campers. Whether it be for our climbing wall or CPR, we work together to have the correct safety measures put in place while having fun and getting to know one another.

Each year my staff has called me “Mom.” I hold this with high regard and I know, through thick and thin, I will be there for my staff on any matter that bothers them. I have seen these my staff grow and change over the years, and I am happy to know that I have helped to nurture them into becoming outstanding citizens for now and many years to come.

3. As a parent who’s seen three of your own children grow up at MCC, what would you say to a parent to make them excited to send their children to Camp?

How can you not want to send your child to Middlesex County Camp? Living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, I can tell you firsthand camp has a lot to offer an inner city kid. Where else can you learn archery, about nature and wilderness survival?

My children are now 20 and 17. My oldest is now in the Army and he loved camp. My daughters also have camp in their blood. After ten years of coming to camp and with two years of CIT training, they will be joining me on staff. How incredible is it to spend summers with your family?

4. For a camper who has never been to MCC before, what would you say to him/her to make them excited to give our camp a try?

Middlesex County Camp is the most accepting place on earth. For the child that feels that they do not fit in—regardless of how they look or their background—you will fit in at MCC. It truly is the place for you.

5. What are you most excited about for the 2014 camp season?

I can honestly say that I most excited to see how the kids have grown and flourished over the year. Next would be the programs. With the watching the zip line going up last summer, I know the kids were the most wound up over that. I know that they watch the process and that made them even more excited to want to try it.

Because I have been around for few years, I would like this year to be the best. I want the kids to have the best week/summer they have ever had. I want for them to have nothing short of EXCELLENT memories and the BEST friends they could ever dream of making.

Thanks a lot, Steph! We’re excited for 2014, too!