Big Camp Changes in 2014

Change is good. Without it, everything would just be so stagnant all the time. Change is what gives life pizzazz and keeps us on our toes every day. It’s what drives innovation and invention. As our slogan goes, GROW WITH US, or, really simply put, change with us. And in 2013, we made the commitment to GROW WITH YOU at the same time.

Change is what our summer 2014 is all about at Camp – but not just willy nilly change without rhyme or reason. No way, no how. In 2013, our Camp Board made a commitment to determining the ways we could make Camp even more wonderful than ever before. We talked and surveyed our campers and parents for how we could improve. We kept our ears open to counselor suggestions, both from this year and previous years. And we’re proud and excited to announce some major changes to MCC this year.


Haven’t you always wanted to leave your mark on Camp? Well, beginning this year, now’s your chance! We’re initiating a capital campaign to raise funds for certain projects around Camp, which you can help participate in by buying a brick that’ll be laid on the Camp property. Not only will you memorialize your place in camp forever, but you’ll also get that warm feeling inside knowing you’re really making a difference in sustaining Camp for this generation and many to come.

Want to learn more or buy a brick? CLICK HERE.


Well, almostCamp now costs a flat fee for everyone to sign up – we won’t be charging extra for cores like Wall or Rocketry with the only exception being Horse (which we couldn’t cost-effectively include in the inclusive rate – sorry). That means now every camper will have the chance to participate in any of the cool programs we offer week-to-week. We want our campers focus on what they can do at camp, not on what they wish they could do.


Clear off your mirrors and fridges to remember your amazing experience at Camp. Now, campers receive an all-camp photo included in the cost of attending. We want everyone to remember the amazing time they had at camp to keep in their hearts and scrapbooks for many years to come. You’ll still need to pay for your specific cabin photos, though, but that price has stayed $10.


This year, we really wanted to encourage new campers to come to camp, in addition to returning campers to get an added incentive to stay longer and bring friends to enjoy. That’s why we are piloting new discounts for this year for new and returning camper alike. Here’s a brief summary of what they are:

1) EARLY BIRD: Register before April 1 and receive $10/week or session
2) NEW CAMPERS: Take $25 off your 1st week of Overnight Camp!
3) RETURNING CAMPERS: Bring a friend who has never attended MCC before and you’ll BOTH receive $25 off!
4) MULTI-WEEK: Attend MCC for two weeks and get $25 off your 3rd week!

To learn more about our camp prices and discounts, including restrictions and limitations, VISIT THIS PAGEon our website.


We tried our very best to get the zip line up for last year’s camp season, but unfortunately just didn’t have the manpower to execute the project. This year’s different. This year our camper’s will be able to get the high-octane thrill of the zip line just by signing up for our Climbing Adventure core. We can’t wait to see everyone flying over our upper field!


Due to popular demand, we’ll be hosting not one, but TWO sessions of Laser Tag this summer at Camp. Simply put, our campers just LOVED the thrill and the amazing set up of this fun activity so much so that we just needed to bring it back for more.

We may even have more changes on the way, but we hope that our campers and parents enjoy what we have in store for them this year. If you have any questions about any of these changes, please CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.