MCC 2015: Week 3: The Hunger Games

Week 3! This week campers participated activities for The Hunger Games week. During this session campers were also able to participate in the weekly camp out, some fun-filled all camp activities, and enjoy themselves in an amazing dance with am upbeat and energetic camp requested playlist.

On Monday campers participated in all-camp activities inspired by The Hunger Games week theme. Campers were able to build fires, shelters, and learn other hunger games survivor tips that mimicked the idea of mentoring and Blog2 - Copystrategizing before the games. Campers were also able to participate in a dynamic game of dodge ball where the blacktop was split into four sides and all four sides competed against each other in order to earn money for their districts that later played a significant hand in the game itself. The campers were highly eager and devoted to positively representing their districts, and during the week we saw a plethora of district pride.

The dance was held on Wednesday night. The campers and staff were “shaking it off” and having a fantastic time! Everybody danced and sang all night, and while every one was extremely exhausted by the end of the night, all of the campers and staff were happy with how the dance turned out.

Thursday, the campers were able to fight to the end in the third MCC Hunger Games! A gigantic game of dodge ball aimed to mimic The Hunger Games series written by Suzanne Collins, which included multiple different types of weapons, a cornucopia, as well as sponsors and gifts that the district mentors were able to provide for their tributes with the money each district won throughout the week. The tributes used their strategies, talents, wit, instincts, and bravery to defend themselves and be the last tribute standing.

Overall everyone at camp had a phenomenal time and hopefully took home some wonderful and sentimental camp filled memories.