MCC 2015: Week 2: Camp’s Got Talent

Before the week began we had an addition to the Barnville core: a new beef cow and its calf! All the campers that participated in the core were thrilled about it. The mother is Mertle and the baby calf is named Coral. The newest members of the MCC family have been gladly welcomed.

On Monday we had the weeBarnville for Blogkly cookout. The six cabins grilled hot dogs and hamburgers in the woods, and later played a game of Scout. Everyone had a blast sleeping under the stars.

Our CIT program completed their project of making new signs for all the campsites. After all the planning and painting, they were finally able to hang them up in the woods by the appropriate campsite. It was a big accomplishment for our Counselors In Training.

Laser Tag for BlogTuesday there was an all-camp game of laser tag. Special Forces came and set up obstacles in upper field and got the laser guns ready for us. The campers and counselors were split up into four teams and played each other in action packed games. Everyone was very enthusiastic and competitive during laser tag; it was a great night! Glow in the dark dog tags were given out as a souvenir to remember all the fun.

Because this week was “Camp’s Got Talent”, a talent show was held on Wednesday. Counselors dressed up as a famous pop star and chose songs for them to lip-sync and dance to. During the talent show the counselors performed while all dressed up in their costumes. A winning pop star was chosen after they all performed. We also had campers, CITs, and counselors performing in the talent show. There were so many different talents: Talent Show from singers to magicians to gymnasts. Everyone who presented did so well: making the night such a success!
The dance was held Thursday night. A lot of time before the dance was spent getting ready, but everybody looked great once it was time to head up to the Morton building. Everybody danced all night long. All the campers love the dance and have so much fun. By the end of the night everyone is exhausted, but smiling from ear to ear.

We look forward for next week: The Hunger Games! Remember: Camp Friends are Forever Friends!