MCC 2015: Week 5: World’s Fair

Week 5’s theme was World’s Fair. The campers got a chance to see what some countries are known for and the international staff was able to share with the campers what their country is all about. During the week, campers participated in all-camp games and activities, slept under the stars, and showed off their moves at the dance.

On Monday, campers were able to create their own personal flag, putting what ever they wanted on it and played in an intense match of soccer and gaga.

On Tuesday, the entire camp had intentions of sleeping in the woods, till we heard a false alarm of thunder and were sent back to camp. After looking over the weather and assuring ourselves that everything was all clear, we were able to sleep on the blacktop under the clear sky full of stars. Did I mention we had an all-camp pillow fight before we crawled into bed? The quiet, peaceful sound of night was a sign of a successful, fun-filled day.

When Wednesday rolled by, the campers were placed onto teams and put on their game faces to compete against each other. We played games taken from other countries and gave them our own twists. The campers were also able to go down a large slip and slide that went down MCC’s hill made by our pool directors. At the end of the night, campers picked from an assortment of toppings for their much enjoyed sweet ice-cream sundae.

It was finally Thursday, the day that most campers look forward too…the dance! After getting all ‘dolled’ up, all the cabins raced up the hill to get their best moves going. By the end of the night, everyone was completely exhausted and went to bed easily.

After looking back at this week’s extravaganza, it is easy to say that everyone had a wonderful time and were able to bring home memories and friends that will last a lifetime.