MCC 2015: Week 6: Time Travel

The theme this week was time travel! Campers were able to learn about different time eras. Campers slept out in the woods, participated in exciting all-camp activities, and finished the week off “shaking it off” at the energy-filled dance.

On Monday, campers were able to chose between three activities; tie-dye, water aerobics, or ultimate Frisbee.

On Tuesday, each cabin ventured out into the woods to set up where they would be sleeping and making a fire to cook their food. After eating and bonding with their cabins, all campers met for an all-camp game of scout. Once scout was over, each cabin went back to their campsite and looked at the stars as they fell asleep.

On Wednesday, campers were split into groups and participated in activities held during different eras. Each group worked together while making a dance that incorporated moves from all different ages, building and racing box cars, a spin on the game ships and sailors, and searching for “dinosaur bones” in the volleyball court. As the night ended, campers were treated with ice-cream topped with delicious treats of their choice.

The dance finally came on Thursday. Although it started raining, that did not stop campers and staff from having a fun filled night. The quiet cabins after the dance was a sign of a successful, eventful week.

In all, campers seemed to have an amazing week at camp, and they are hopefully able to bring home memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.