MCC 2015: Week 8: Games of Chance

The theme for the final week of camp is Games of Chance! Campers and staff had a wonderful time watching the meteor shower, All-camp activities and many games!

On Monday the campers had electives! They were able to choose between tie dying, musical chairs, knockout, or a dance party. We played music chairs with a twist. The counselors made a large dice and one camper would roll it. The number that popped up was the camper who was out.

On Tuesday the CITs lead activities in the evening! They played a new version of escape from camp! All campers had to go to different CIT stations. The CITs had special cards that either helped or hindered the campers. The campers and staff enjoyed this new version immensely. We also had a chance to play ultimate warrior and water balloon games. The campers received awards for the best sportsmanship with each of the games.

On Wednesday, we had our cook out at lunch instead of our normal cookout at dinner. In the evening we did all camp. They played many games of chance, a version of deal or no deal, bingo, and card games.

Thursday’s ORT dance was quite the sight to see at lunch. All of the staff grabbed pots and pans and danced around. Then the dance was finally here! The campers enjoyed the extended time and danced their hearts out.

The end of week 8 brings happy memories and a sense of ending for the summer. Here at MCC we hope that you enjoyed your summer as much as we all did! See you next year!