MCC 2015: Week 7: Glow in the Dark

The theme this week is Glow in the Dark and Laser Tag! Campers and staff had a blast this week with all of the enjoyable activities planned. Campers slept out in the woods, participated in laser tag, and danced with glow sticks!

On Monday the campers were able to choose between tie dying and ooblick making, capture the flag, and a gaga tournament. The theme of glow in the dark was all throughout camp! For capture the flag the campers and the flag were decked out in glowsticks. The gaga tournament was played with a glow in the dark ball!

On Tuesday all of the campers walked out into the woods to begin their journey of the sleep out. The campers got their sleeping spots ready and ate dinner over a fire. After bonding time there was an all-camp game of scout! Once scout had finished everyone trekked back into the woods to their camp site and fell asleep to the sounds of the night.

On Wednesday, campers were split into 10 groups and did round robin with laser tag, ice cream social, dodge ball, glow in the dark Nuke-Em, and balloon pop. The laser tag field was a sight to be seen. The campers and staff alike were diving and running around the obstacles. Everyone was filled with adrenaline and excitement.

Thursday was finally the dance! The campers were given glow sticks and the Morton building was decorated with Glow in the Dark paint and more glow sticks! The campers had a blast and danced their hearts out.

With week seven coming to a close it is nice to reflect on the wonderful time that everyone had. The campers and the staff bonded in a way that is sure to leave amazing memories for all.