MCC 2015: Week 1: Murder Mystery

We started off week one with 35 campers for Murder Mystery Week. It has been a great start of the summer, and the next seven weeks will certainly be just as good.

The whole camp slept out in the woods. It was a success! We missed the thunderstorms and all had a great time! Hot dogs and hamburgers were cooked over the fire at each campsite, and around eight everyone gathered to play a game of Scout, where campers need to sneak up and touch a rock without being detected by counselors with flashlights. The camp out is always a favorite among the campers.

On Tuesday the entire camp met in the dining hall while thunderstorms rolled in. We lost power all throughout camp and didn't get it back until the next day. The twenty-two hours the camp spent without lights or water consisted of paper plates and a lot of flashlights! Overall, it was a bonding experience that the campers and counselors surely will never forget!

Wednesday night during our all camp event was the Haunted Walk that provided each camper the opportunity to unravel a camp murder mystery. Some of the counselors and CITs remade themselves into terrifying creatures to make the theme come alive. Afterwards, we finished the spooky night with ice cream sundaes for everyone.

In exciting nature news, we also had the privilege of finding Eastern Box Turtle laying eggs at the end of the week. We built a turtle enclosure to help keep the turtle eggs safe!

With week one now completed, we look forward to the rest of the summer to continue providing our campers with a summer filled of memories they will never forget!

Camp friends are forever friends!