Wrap Up: Camp 2013 – Week 1


This week at MCC, the theme was Around the World in 5 days. Our goal was to teach kids about different cultures around the world. On Monday night electives, the children were able to choose from an array of activities, including soccer, Nookum and tie dye. On Tuesday, we went into the woods to cook burgers and hot dogs. Wednesday we had an around the world themed all camp, and Thursday we had an amazing dance with music from everywhere.

MCC went from Middlesex County camp to Middlesex Cultural Camp.

Having electives on Mondays give the kids a lot of leeway their first night at camp. We get to know the kids better by watching the electives they choose and playing by their sides. At tie dye, they were able to discover there creative talents with Kristen and Aimee. At Nookum everyone was able to play a new game that not many people know. It’s a team based sport you play on the volley ball court and everyone is involved and working together. Soccer was nice to have as an option because many of the kids felt comfortable playing a sport they were already familiar with.

Everyone enjoyed eating burgers and dogs cooked over the fire in the woods on Tuesday nights. It was a great time for cabins to bond around the fire pit, sing songs, and play games. After everyone was stuffed from dinner and s’mores, they headed over to a camp site called Big Rock. There they played a game, sort of like hide and seek and flashlight tag combined, called Scout. Then to top off the night in the wilderness the children and counselors got to sleep under the stars on the black top!

All camp fell on Wednesday. Everything was themed to around the world in 5 days. Kids got to travel to the pyramids of Giza, the Roman Coliseum, the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain, and to China to learn about the elements and the Chinese calendar. At each spot the kids were able to play a game and try and earn a piece for there team. The team with the most pieces at the end of the night was our “world champion”.

On Thursday we danced the night away to all kinds of music. It was nice to have the whole camp together and let loose for a while. We listened to artist from all over the world. Most of the kids were surprised to find out some of their favorite singers were not even from America.

All in all our week was a blast. It was fun to learn about other cultures and mix fun in the middle. From American tie dye, to Spanish running of the bulls, it was a busy week but a fun one at that. Many kids asked to sign up for more weeks after that and we expect to have just as much fun for weeks to come.