Wrap Up: Camp 2013: Week 2


With Holiday week coming to a close, the kids have enjoyed everything from trick-or-treating to “pie” eating contests. The events of this week were extremely entertaining and had everyone laughing and smiling. If this week is any indicator of what is to come, this summer is going to be full of new and exciting events!

The highlight of this week was most definitely the celebration of “Pie Day.” During cabin activity, everyone came together to celebrate this“forgotten”holiday in the best way we know how; pie-ing counselors in the face. The kids eagerly and happily celebrated their new favorite holiday and every photo will reveal how much fun everyone truly had.

Another big activity that took place this week was our slip-and-slide! A mix of soap, shaving cream, and tons of mud made for very happy and extremely dirty campers and staff. This event was turned into a fun game where team members had to climb up the slippery slope in order to collect a coin, followed by racing back down and inevitable sliding into the “mud pit.”

The campers and staff will definitely be exhausted from all of the activities and events of this week! We hope everyone enjoyed Holiday week and that they will have made many memories that will last them forever!