Wrap Up: Camp 2014: Week 1

Super Heroes vs. Super Villains Week

Super Heroes vs. Super Villains Week was the perfect start to the MCC 2014 camp season. Naturally, the theme brought out the spirit of competition in everyone—it was contagious! Early on, new additions exchanged pleasantries and veteran campers and counselors reminisced and caught up on what’s happened since last summer, but ties quickly vanished when counselors and campers were divided among super groups of X-Men, The Avengers, Legion of Doom, and Anti-Justice League. The competition became real once the groups’ super hero and super villain knowledge was put to the test in the amphitheater with THE MOST DIFFICULT TRIVIA GAME KNOWN TO MAN.

As with all great rivalries, the competition came down to a test of physical strength when everyone played “Nuke ‘em” during Monday’s evening activity. Endowed with various abilities of intelligence, strength, speed, regeneration, shape-shifting, and psychic powers, the four teams “nuked” a volley ball to eliminate members of the opposing team one-by-one—or in the case of those with super strength, two-by-two! Other powers included super speed, which allowed players to move around the court and throw the ball from anywhere they chose, while regeneration gave a player two lives. After more than four championship rounds, The Avengers won first place!

The teams took a break Tuesday long enough to explore the woods and appreciate the outdoors together. Each cabin gathered at various designated spots in the woods to cook out over an open fire created by our very capable counselors. The food was good, and the conversation was even better! Before nightfall, campers and counselors were able to fit in a game of Scout. At dusk, campers hurried to find their best hiding spot a few feet into the woods, then race to base where a counselor is holding a light without being caught. A few rounds of Scout were all they needed before going to sleep on the blacktop basketball court where everyone camped out under the stars.

The competition resumed for Wednesday night’s All Camp scavenger hunt. With the prospect of earning up to 1,000 points, the super groups split amongst themselves and scoured the camp grounds for ten cleverly concealed items. All searched tirelessly despite having no idea what each item would be worth. The clues were really challenging and had groups looking in some of the most ridiculous places in the camp! When the hunt was over, each team was awarded the points they’d earned from retrieving each item.

On Thursday, campers had a great time at our weekly dance! They got to request their favorite songs and dance like no one was looking. After all the competition and camaraderie, the energetic music and atmosphere were ideal. Being super human is hard work, so everyone took advantage and enjoyed each other’s company

So, the week is ending, and it will soon be time to say goodnight. MCC campers and counselors have had lots of opportunities for friendly competition while learning about themselves, making new friendships, and rekindling old ones.