Wrap Up: Camp 2014: Week 3

A good spy never gets caught . . . but a great spy never refuses a mission, especially when badges (and bragging rights) are at stake! Top secret spy units 004 and 005 accepted their first Spy Week mission—a quadruple challenge of Ghost, Bombardment, Blade, and Medic dodge ball games. Agents adapted to the twists in each game and were awarded badges for grand displays of energy, awareness, strategy, and shrewdness.

Campers in the horse program took a brief ride in the woods Monday. Others looked on as horse core members walked Pickles, Maxwell, Blackjack, Moe, and Roxy to the trail. Riders were seasoned and have been attending MCC horse cores for a few years now. By all accounts, the horses were great and the kids had a wonderful time. They hope to ride along the trail again next week!

On Tuesday night, all four cabins ventured into the woods to reach their respective campsites. To have their weekly cookout, the ladies gathered at the Amphitheater while the guys went to Adventure Hill. With sleeping bags in tow, they remained at their sites to sleep overnight. Even a few hesitant campers found something memorable about the experience—making s’mores, playing games, talking under the stars until everyone fell asleep, singing and telling stories by the campfire, or discovering wildlife. The combined cabins at the sites allowed for a special thought-provoking (and silly) amedita before girls’ and boys’ cabins met up to play “Scout”.

The spy games resumed Wednesday evening for 004’s and 005’s on Upper Field. Agents were presented with the mission of successfully completing four separate stations or obstacles in the least amount of time. Each one tested essential spy qualities. The Ultimate Warrior challenge required skills in combat, while craftiness was key for the decoding challenge. Spies must be brave, as well as intelligent! The wall-climbing station was a test of agility because, as any spy knows, it can come in handy should the need arise to scale a tall structure in a sly escape!

The final challenge was of stealth. Agents maneuvered a maze of “lasers” to reach a priceless treasure under heavy guard. The spy teams who completed their challenges in the fastest time were decorated with badges for combat, craftiness, climbing, and stealth. Campers made their own disguises and spy gadgets in the Arts and Crafts and Clayworks cores throughout the week. They were so creative! These sophisticated spies used clay to mold lots of things, like a gadget concealed in lipstick or paper and Popsicle sticks to make signature mustaches or sideburns.

Finally, this week, we had the pleasure of recognizing the birthdays of two of our very own spies. Being at MCC surrounded by friends and fun is a great way celebrate a birthday. However, we can’t say much about the celebrations . . . just that cake and ice cream may or may not have been involved. Happy birthday to all of our campers born in the month of July!!!