Camp 2014: Weekly Wrap Up: Week 4

Four weeks ago, we began the camp season. It’s hard to believe we’re at the halfway point, having already made so many memories along the way. The summer is passing quickly, and we intend to savor every moment. There are some very exciting themes ahead and we anticipate even more campers. We’re ready! Let’s go!

This week, counselors dropped like flies in the dining hall! Don’t worry; it wasn’t because of the food. It’s Murder Mystery Week! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner; the killer had no preference. Just as everyone would begin enjoying their meal—sudden darkness and blood-curdling screams. Just like that, the elusive criminal would claim another victim! Campers had to discover which of their beloved counselors had been committing these meal-time murders. With each passing day, as teams considered the clues, the mysterious assassin carried out her gruesome agenda. Beside the body of each unfortunate soul was a cryptic note, taunting investigators, a.k.a Forensic Scientist Teams A, B, and C; and Field Agent Teams A, B, and C. The suspense was overwhelming with this murder mystery alone, but there was more!

Our camper-detectives had a second case to crack—the brutal slaying of Parker Matthews on Adventure Hill. The six teams were briefed with the cause of death, a list of suspects, their possible motives, and relevant information. They would have only one chance at the end of the week to identify the murderer and the murder weapon. Critical thinking was quite necessary. Luckily, each team was able to compete for several additional clues.

During All Camp night, campers were treated to a theatrical journey that revealed the back stories of all the Matthews murder suspects as portrayed by counselors in full costume. Investigative camper teams cooperated to complete challenges and earn each of the four story parts, which took them from Upper Field to Adventure Hill, the scene of the crime. All of the facts were exposed, but would that be enough for anyone to solve the mystery?

Early in the week, the forensic scientists and field agents created the most hideous, murderous monsters they could imagine, and then brought them to life. Each monster was judged by a panel of four on appearance, sound (i.e. roars/shrieks), horror story, and dance routine. Yeah, that’s right; we judged fictional monsters on their ability to dance. It was fun  . . . and even a bit scary. Some of the counselors really threw themselves into their roles!

The Arts and Crafts cores got in on the theme. Artistic campers made ransom notes on Tuesday using newspaper and magazine clippings. Quite a few were humorous and light-hearted. Wednesday, they got to make colorful chalk body outlines on the floor of the Morton building. Some painted trails of footprints on long strips of paper to decorate their fictional crime scene.

Lastly, and speaking of decorations, Horse core members painted Maxwell. Although he’s a horse, he seemed fully aware of how ridiculous he looked, but he was a trooper anyway. The campers loved it, and the paintings came out wonderful!