MCC 2016: Week 3: Disney

This week was a magical week at camp filled with fun, laughter and pixie dust as we celebrated our Disney theme. ‘Circle of Life’ style family dining was enjoyed in the dining hall.

We began the Disney magic with cook out in the woods followed by an outdoor screening of the movie Brave.  Though the weather prevented us from sleeping out, the campers and staff brought their sleeping bags and pillows to enjoy this special and unique experience.

Tuesday night was filled with laughter, music and applause as everyone came together to participate in Disney Karaoke. We heard songs from The Jungle Book to Frozen with a medley of tunes in between. The night concluded with a special ‘Under the Sea’ event as everyone joined in the pool party under the stars.

Our Wednesday night all camp activity started with Cinderella losing her slipper, which the campers and staff had to find by doing a number of Disney movie themed activities.  We first headed to Rapunzel’s Tower, where the campers had to climb to the top of the wall in order to rescue her and receive a clue. After rescuing Rapunzel everyone met Grandmother Willow and Pocahontas at the archery field, where arrows had to hit the target to be given the corresponding clue, to be guided on a clear path toward their Disney adventure.

Then it was off to the jungle where Tarzan swung from the treetops to explain the next activity, where the campers had to problem solve and work together to make their way across the crocodile infested river. After everyone successfully reached the other side, Tarzan provided another clue which led us to Big Ben and London where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were awaiting our arrival.

The ‘Lost Boys and Girls’ flew across the London skyline (via zip line) and straight into Neverland because they all believed in fairies. Peter provided the clue to head to Belle’s library from Beauty and the Beast where the campers had to answer Disney trivia questions.

Then it was onto a colder climate to meet Elsa and Anna, who provided the campers with Olaf snowmen sundaes. The clue given guided everyone to find Cinderella’s slipper and once this was placed back onto her dainty little foot, we celebrated by writing wishes onto lanterns, which were then released together into the evening sky -

As a dream is a wish your heart makes! 

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