MCC 2016: Week 5: Hide and Seek

For week 5 we all had a lot of fun with hide ‘n’ seek week!

Even the professional photo taken for this week had a hide ‘n’ seek theme, as one photo of the dining hall was taken without anyone in it, to look as though everyone was hiding and the other had the whole camp as always. Now you see us, now you don’t!

Laser tag was one of the electives and both the campers and staff were able to run and hide behind large inflatable barriers, while seeking out the opposing team to fire at, which was a lot of fun. Laser tag was also played in the woods which gave lots of opportunities for teams to hide and seek each other. 

In Outdoor Adventure core the campers made impressive shelters in the woods, where they were able to hide and camouflage themselves well.

Rocketry and Science teamed up with Outdoor Adventure to make colorful flames by hiding packets of colored fire within the fire, which produced very impressive results as the flames turned blue, green, turquoise and pink.

Campers and staff cooked out and then played ‘Scout’, where someone is on a rock and they do not look while everyone goes off into the woods to hide. The object is to stalk your way back and touch the rock without being seen.

Hide ‘n’ Seek All Camp involved following a message chalked on the basketball court to seek out counselors who were hiding in the woods.

Roosevelt Cabin earned an extra point for cabin inspection from Emily, the nurse, as they hid in the cabin and she did not notice any of them until they jumped out. All the campers and staff had been hiding for 10 minutes but it was worthwhile as they were triumphant in winning the best cabin for the week.

Once each of the 3 teams completed a different ropes’ element they were then sent to a different campsite where there was a piñata. When the piñata was beaten, candy with letters on some of it fell to the ground and the campers had to spell out a counselor’s name, who they then had to find.  Once the counselors had been sought, we were all led to ‘4 corners’ where a treasure map was awaiting us, to try and find Doody and Josh.

Once the counselors were found we all traipsed back to the dining hall to be rewarded with ice-cream, which had a Hershey kiss hidden inside.

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