MCC 2016: Week 6: Space is a Place

Space is a place started with the question of ‘Where in space would you like to live?’ at campfire, when the counselors introduced themselves.

For electives Spaceball (Kickball) was played and there was tie dye where meteor showers of color were added to clothing and there was also a pool party, which was out of this world!

Cookouts took place on Tuesday night and a few cabins chose to sleep out in the woods under the moon and stars.

In Rocketry core, rockets were created and launched successfully with a countdown each time. For Science core, lava lamps were made and solar ovens were produced using problem solving skills, and the resources of pizza boxes and aluminum foil to make ‘s’mores’, which tasted even better than ever as the campers had to work hard to produce them.

In Arts ‘n’ Crafts there was flight of a slightly different kind as bird boxes were painted a variety of colors and styles.

For the Space All Camp the campers gathered on the Singing Steps and they entered the MCC Starship Moodus, in which they had to eat with various kitchen utensils as all the silverware had been melted down to create fuel for the journey.

Towards the end of the meal the lights began to flicker as the spaceship collided with a planet and as a safety precaution all travelers has to take cover under the tables.

In their 3 teams of Apollo, Millennium Falcon and Enterprise all the staff and campers, many in creative aluminum foil designed antennae and satellite head attire, went to Upper Field and a rocket for each team was launched.

Leading teams to boldly go where no camper has ever gone before, staff led several activities like searching for alien eggs in the pool, Ultimate Warrior (Dodge Ball) was played and Saucer Tosser (Ultimate Frisbee) on Upper Field.

The whole camp came together to play Escape from the Planet, where the campers launched themselves from Lincoln and Eisenhower to try to get to the teleporter (flagpole) without being tagged by counselors/aliens.  If the campers were tagged they had to relaunch and start again.

Once all had landed safely at the teleporter and back at their original planet, Alien ice-cream was served.

The Dance included many space related tunes, such as, ‘Rocketman’ and ‘Space is Cool’.

We all had a blast this week!