MCC 2016: Week 8: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect Week

For the last week of camp the theme was Pitch Perfect which involved lots of music.

For electives there were music related games like musical chairs and freeze, where all those who played had a lot of fun. Karaoke was also an option with solos, duets and groups of campers and staff performing a variety of hits.

To create a bit of an atmosphere dry ice bubbles were created in Rocketry and looked amazing!

For All Camp it was a Talent Show where an abundance of acts performed in front of MCC’s very own celebrity judges: Avril Lavigne, Pink, Amy Winehouse and Simon Cowell.  The talent on offer included: a dance routine, singing, guitar, playing of drums, fifeing, gymnastic displays, solving a Rubik’s cube and skits.

The staff came together to sing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and the campers all joined in and danced around. Certificates of Participation were awarded to all those who took part and were presented by the celebrity judges.

For the last dance of the summer many rockin’ tunes were played by DJ Doody, such as: YMCA and rap music.

The CIT Project included painting a clover and “Camp Friends are Forever Friends” on the back of the Middlesex County Camp sign, as had been done years ago, which was a fitting tribute for all to see as they leave camp.

The Camp Song was performed at Candlelight with Lottie on guitar and each cabin singing a verse to the tune of ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic, to which they added their own lyrics with their group’s highlights of the week.  

‘Linger’ was sung by campers and staff together, whereby the words are particularly poignant for the last week of camp for 2016 ‘this is goodnight and not goodbye’.