MCC 2016 Week 7: Olympics

At flag raising at the start of the week, the Olympic rings were produced by five counselors linking arms.

Keeping with the ring theme, one of the projects created in Arts ‘n’ Crafts this week were dream catchers, which were very effective.

There were many electives to choose from this week including– soccer where it was England vs South Africa, which proved an exciting game and produced a score of 4-4. Volleyball was played too, with the American and Australian flags attached to the net to represent the teams playing.

Tie dye produced an array of colors from every nation and Dungeon 52 united many.

Nukem was played in Sports’ core and team USA defeated Australia, although it was an exciting game and very close. Whiffle ball, dodge ball, 4 Square and Gaga were also played during the week.

The All Camp activity for Olympic week started in the dining hall with ‘Chariots of Fire’  being played as everyone entered and then the national anthems of Great Britain, Australia, USA and South Africa and the counselors from each country paraded round the dining hall with the relevant flag. The campers were divided into 4 teams, one team for each of the 4 countries represented above and had face paint the colors of their country’s flag put on their cheeks, noses and foreheads.

The Olympic Games were originally held in honor of Zeus, King of the Gods and the MCC Olympics were no exception as he appeared in a toga with an Olympic torch, so official team photos were taken with him.

The Olympic torch was lit and the opening ceremony began with each country’s team parading up the hill to the amphitheater, where an Olympic ring of fire was lit and each team led a procession around the amphitheater’s arena with their flag and national anthem playing, before heading to the activities which were in their relevant passports.

At Archery, campers had to score as many points as they could on the targets and in Athletics shuttle runs were timed to gain points and a 3-legged circuit carried out. Long jump was exciting as many campers did very well and in the Pool relay races took place, with lots of support and encouragement from all.

To conclude the MCC Olympic Games, ice cream cones to represent the Olympic torch were eaten and gold medals were presented to the winning team, South Africa, and their flag was raised for being the winning team.

At the dance a beach ball was thrown around at one point and a conga line formed during another part of the evening, which was lots of fun.

For Olympic Week everyone was a winner!

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