MCC 2018 Week 2

The electives this week included tie dye which was pretty and colorful and the water slide, which was lots of fun.

There was also the MCC Breakout Cabin where the campers and staff had to work together to find objects and solve problems, which found 3 cabins locked in and only 2 managing to escape.

Carnival was the All Camp activity where campers had the opportunity to participate in various activities to gain tickets, such as: high and low with cards, ball toss, bottle knock down, dog racing, guess which cup the ball is under, face painting, corn hole and splat board.

At the end of the carnival the counselors were pied, which the campers had to work hard to do, by achieving 75 tickets but it was certainly worth it by the glee on their faces!

Arts and Crafts created invitations and decorations, masks and a photo booth

for the dance, which were really effective and a great success! Also ‘puffy paint’ was made to look like ice-cream and cotton candy, which looked good enough to eat!

In the Pool, fun activities included: water polo, Marco Polo and categories whereby the initials of a film are given, then it’s described and those who know the answer swim over.

At sports this week they played, Gaga, wiffle ball, Nuke ‘em, basketball, soccer and volleyball; also in Archery there were lots of bullseyes.

Campers in Outdoor Adventure, built some very impressive shelters, fires were made and there were even blue flames! Some of the Low Ropes’ elements were used too.

The dance included the Lindy Hop, which was performed by Pete and Sandy from Camp Clio to ‘Rock around the clock’, which everyone enjoyed.

After cookout in the woods everyone slept out under the stars on either lower field or the basketball court.