MCC 2018 Week 3

As the international staff this year hail from: France, Slovakia, Poland, Mexico, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, it was decided that this week should be ‘Around the World’.

In Arts and Crafts the campers made passports for the All Camp event, dream catchers and paper mache globes. Drama did some improvisation games, practiced diction exercises, characterization and conflict resolution.

One of the electives was ‘Rounders’, which is a British form of baseball, Nuke ‘em on the volleyball court, where the campers beat the counselors 2 games to 1, board or card games in the Dining Hall or tie dye at Art and Crafts.

Outdoor adventure used a few of the Low Rope elements, such as, Peanut Butter Pit, Whale Watch and Ninja training, which is trying to sneak up to a certain point in the woods without being spotted. They also built shelters, hiked to the stream and made a fire, which they toasted marshmallows over.

Swimming consisted of games in the pool including: water polo, ring relay, volleyball and Marco Polo. In Wall core the campers were climbing, using the zip line and bouldering wall.

Archery produced several bullseyes again this week and firing at balloons, which proved successful, while Sports played soccer, basketball, 4 Square and volleyball.

The All Camp activity included the campers taking their passports, which had been created in Arts & Crafts, to visit: Mexico for a bingo game and rice water, England for traditional cheese rolling, Wales to learn some Welsh words and phrases, including the longest town name, Ireland for some storytelling, France to try some crepes, Poland to learn a dance to traditional folk music, Slovakia to be taught a song and Scotland to find out about the Loch Ness Monster, which produces $8 million annually from tourism. At each country they visited, the campers received a stamp for their passports.

As it was the middle of the summer the dance lasted longer, much to the delight of the campers and an Amedita including the whole camp, was done in the Morton Building.