Middlesex County Camp Not to Open in 2019


Andrew Becker
Board President, Middlesex County Camp

Moodus, CT – Middlesex County Camp will not open for campers in 2019 as its Board of Directors deals with a variety of financial matters including raising funds for capital improvements to camp facilities and repairs, as well as searching for new partnerships and benefactors to continue fulfilling its mission.

Since 1962, Middlesex County Camp has provided a safe, welcoming space for children aged 7 to 17 to spend their summers in pursuit of its mission: to encourage cooperative group living in a natural environment that focuses on the individual’s social, spiritual, mental and physical development. The Camp hopes to continue this work by identifying partner organizations for a shared camp experience, or those interested in sustaining its future through philanthropy.

Middlesex County Camp will still consider renting out the facilities to interested parties in 2019. To learn more about rentals, or to submit a rental request, visit www.middlesexcountycamp.org.

If you are interested in partnering with Middlesex County Camp, please reach out to Andrew Becker, Middlesex County Camp Board President, at abecker@rossilumber.com.