MCC 2018: Week 6

The first victim was Chloe, who was found shortly after breakfast on the basketball court with a hockey stick and puck beside her. She had a gash on her forehead and her throat was slit. Who could have committed this dreadful crime?

When Tim did not appear at flag on Monday evening, we had to search the camp to find him.  He was found on the ground of the amphitheater with an arrow in his side. He looked so peaceful but the campers could see something was amiss.

On Tuesday morning, as the campers entered the dining hall for breakfast, AJ was found dead on the floor having been poisoned with hot sauce and a note beside her read: “From your secret buddy!”  At this point, campers were starting to draw up a list of suspects.

Laci was absent from flag raising on Wednesday morning and was thought to have been late to flag but on further investigation was found smothered by a pillow on the porch of Wilson Right, with a wall harness by his side. Campers by now were starting to point fingers and work out who could have done it!  After much discussion, Matty was taking a daily poll of the top 3 suspects.

At snack time, Gracy was found dead on the Program Director’s porch steps, with blood on her forehead and dripping down the side of her face. There was a rubber mallet by her side and a blue latex glove; it was a violent and bloody way to go! The campers were coming with all kinds of scenarios!

Before All Camp, Gadget was nowhere to be found and upon searching, she was discovered alive at the archery field but blindfolded and tied up.  Upon questioning, she could not identify the murderer as she had panicked and could not remember anything.

After siesta on Thursday, Alex was suspended upside down at the wall with a band aid over his nose. Our worst suspicions were confirmed and the murderer had claimed its sixth victim!

Thursday night is the highlight of the week for many as it is the Dance.  However, Nick was found face down in the pool – is this killing spree ever going to end?

On Friday morning Kaelene was discovered slumped over a tractor up at the horse barn with a spade left on the ground, Matty was found on the ground impaled by a pitch fork and just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Becca’s limp body came flying down the zipline. Who could have done all this?

A breakout cabin was created, which had a crime scene inside. Each cabin had 15 minutes to work together and communicate to find puzzle pieces, keys and solve the codes inside, in order to break free. Glow in the dark paint gave them their final message, when they solved the clue to ‘turn off the lights.’

Arts and Crafts created a chalk crime scene, slime and magnifying glasses to help look for clues to the murders. Drama did a number of improvisation games and enacted scenarios, as well as practicing their skit for Candlelight.

The zipline was popular with varying poses coming down and campers tried hard to get to the top of the different levels of the wall. Sports played hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball and Nuke ‘em, while Archery were shooting at playing cards to see how many points they could achieve. Turns out, it was the nurse all along, leaving behind a band-aid as a calling card!

Outdoor Adventure were making fires, toasting marshmallows, shelter building, doing elements of the ropes course and hiking to the stream.

The pool was popular to cool off and many fun, water activities were provided, such as, building rafts, water polo, diving for objects and many other games. Tie dye, card/board games, Capture the Flag and Nuke’ em were the choices for electives.

The CIT project of painting the sunset on the wall of the pool house has been much admired with the words of Taps – Day’s done, Gone the sun . . .