Camp 2014: Weekly Wrap Up: Week 5

If the mythical underwater city of Atlantis and the 2014 science fiction movie “Divergent” had a baby, its name would be Water Week at MCC. This week, we imagined ourselves in a dystopia submerged in the ocean. In this “Divergent”-esque world were five distinct factions. Members of each faction subscribed strictly to one particular value or characteristic as indicated by their title—Valor (honor), Unwary (impulsive), Harmony (peaceful), Convivial (social), Sagacity (wisdom). Each group sees their values as dictating their entire life philosophy. Campers and counselors were to display their factions’ characteristic throughout the week. For example those in the Convivial faction were expected to behave in a social manner throughout the daily activities, even outside of competitions. Lucky for the campers, members of each faction already possessed the qualities their particular faction required.

Factions competed in water-based games throughout the week, which included a slippery water slide, sponge dodge ball (or dodge-sponge, if you will), water relay races, and, not to mention, just simply throwing entire buckets of water on unsuspecting victims. No one was safe! There were also garden hoses and water guns to make certain no one went to his or her cabin dry, though the slide was the biggest hit and definitely got everyone soaked. Campers crab walked backwards up the soapy slide, retrieved a small cone from and slid back down in a screaming, speeding blur. The kids loved it, and they got really creative with their techniques!

Even though the theme was “Water Week”, there were still some standard activities we just couldn’t get away from. Monday night, campers played a combination of Zombie Tag and Escape from Camp, a game in which campers begin at the inside edge of the woods and run into the camp toward the flagpole in hopes of not being tagged by counselors. Tuesday night’s overnight activities were held in the woods and went off without a hitch, and the Thursday night dance was great, complete with loud music, freshly baked cookies, and energetic dancing.

Another week has come and gone, but the fun’s not over yet. Next week is Myths and Legends (with laser tag)!