Camp 2014: Weekly Wrap Up: Week 6

Week 6: Knights and Ladies at Middlesex County Camp started off with a twist. Both Kids and counselors were split into 12 groups all under the rule of a Greek God or Goddess. Teams competed in daily trials and competitions to see who would be the true Demi-God or Demi-Goddess of MCC.

Following the Cook out on Monday night, we had the Dance on Tuesday. This caused Green Tile Night to be switched and, in turn, there were a lot of Chicken Dances for those who stepped on the green tiles at dinner. The dance was certainly a hit with everyone joining in and having a fantastic night. There were dance offs, sing offs and most importantly Cathy’s cookies.

The weather stayed clear and beautiful for the most exciting part of the week – Laser Tag! As the teams battled it out on the Laser Tag field, the remaining teams battled it out on the Nuke ‘Em court, all striving for points earned towards their houses and the chance to be crowned 1 of 5 possible Demi-Gods or Demi-Goddess’ of Middlesex County Camp.

In Archery core this week we had CIT Kaelene G. top the class by shooting a bull’s-eye! As well as many other amazing shots this week, we had Camper Ben P. in core 1 score a fantastic 32 points and the winner of core 2 was Zac E., who scored 23.

At Pool core this week, the kids not only got to chill at the pool and learn how to do water rescues, but they also had the time of their lives on the Slip and Slide! Soaking wet and covered in soap, the kids ran as fast as their little legs could carry them to the edge of the tarps where they dived, slipped and slid to their hearts content. With the pool staff joining in, ALL of the fun was had! Pool staff Rick and Samantha also had the pleasure of racing Camper Nicole S. to the bottom, all three drawing at the finish line. Even the photographer got taken out at the end of a Staff vs. Camper race to see who could go the furthest.

All camp was on Thursday night this week and once again the Greek God and Goddess teams were out and fighting. Three stations were set, one being Balloon Pop. Quick thinking and swift movements were needed in order to be the last one standing. The second station being Direct Path, this game involved trust, teamwork and balance. The last station was Revenge Dodgeball – this was the teams’ final chance to earn points for their teams and eliminate their biggest threats.

For final scores and the crowning of 5 Demi-gods or Demi-Goddess’, come to Candlelight at 6:30 Friday night at the Amphitheater!