Wrap Up: Camp 2013 – Week 3


Week 3 began with campers and staff being divided into 3 Legions of Archeologists. These Legions included The Keepers of the Past, Protectors of the Present, and Guardians of the Future. These groups explored not only notable eras of time, but also significant locations around the world in order to find the one object that would save the world! Quite a big task to accomplish in one week!

Due to the weather on Tuesday night we were unable to go on the over-night, however everyone enjoyed a movie night in the dining hall! The kids watched Dream WorksRoad to Eldorado and kept with the theme by taking a glimpse into Ancient Civilizations. After the storm passed and the movie ended, the kids enjoyed the rest of their nights and spent some much needed bonding time with their cabins.

Come Wednesday, the whole camp took a leap into different time eras throughout history. The different Legions continued to battle in order to be the group to save the world. The activities of the night included the chariot races of Ancient Rome, building of cities, and even a baby picture match-up. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the activities, especially the picture-match up where they had to match the baby picture to the appropriate staff member!

The week continued with many activities and games from the past including Hop-scotch, Double-dutch, and even twister! The Dance was also a big hit, especially with kid-friendly version of “Time-Warp” and many songs of the 90’s!

Time warp week has been so entertaining and the kids seemed to enjoy the many different games and activities! In the end the Protectors of the Past were the champions and they inevitable were able to save the world! Such a big relief for all of us here at camp! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we also hope to see lots of retuning faces throughout the summer!