Wrap up: Camp 2013 – Week 4

Cowboys vs. Aliens vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas

With the theme of Cowboys vs. Aliens vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas, it was evident that this week was going to be an interesting one at that. Despite the intense heat we have experienced the past few days, the excitement of camp life has not dulled a bit. With every camper split off into four different teams (Cowboys, Aliens, Pirates, and Ninjas), there was plenty of intense competitions and entertainment for all. Every team fought for the title of champion through many fun activities from Nuke’m to Ships-and-Sailors to Laser Tag!

Tuesday night was very successful and eventful with the camp-out. Every cabin collected their sleeping bags and flashlights and headed out to the woods to spend a night under the stars! Between burgers and s’mores, cabins shared quality bonding time together and got to know all of their cabin mates. After everyone was fed and full, the cabins all met at big rock for an epic game of Scout! After all the excitement and games, everyone returned to their campsites for their night under the stars.


Wednesday brought even more thrill with a camp wide Laser Tag game! Everyone was very excited to participate in the event and compete against their rival teams. With everything from obstacles to fog clouds the kids and staff alike where continuously smiling and laughing! The whole game was a complete success and everyone went to bed tired but very happy!

With the week coming to a close, there is never a better way to end the fun then the dance. All of the campers a staff dressed in their very best (and least smelly) clothes, just to dance the night away! There were many smiles and lots of moves on the dance floor and everyone seemed to be having a great time! Though the week may be coming to an end, the memories made this week will last forever!

Once again, another successful and entertaining week here at MCC! We hope to see lots of returning faces in weeks and summers to come.