Wrap Up: Camp 2013: Week 5


Week 5 has been our largest week this summer with a little over 70 campers! Our guess is that this may be due to the fact that we had the epic idea of “Hunger Games” for this week’s theme. The week began with the campers being divided into the 12 career/specialty districts and counselors were assigned to every group to play the role of their “mentors”. The campers and staff were very enthusiastic about the week theme so I made for a very fun and exciting time!

Throughout the week there were several activities and games for the districts to compete in. The groups were able to earn “money” for their district through these various games. One of the highlight activities included the presentation of each district’s tributes. Every district had the opportunity to dress up their tributes in order to represent that districts career specialty. There was everything from horses and monkeys, to robots and super models and of course TONS of glitter…EVERYWERE! The campers and staffed thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and everyone worked hard in order to represent their districts!

On Wednesday, we celebrated our own version of the Hunger Games with a camp wide All Camp. The campers and staff once again joined their districts and competed in fire building competitions and even swimming races! The night ended with tributes from each team entering the arena for the final competition! The kids in the arena played a thrilling and twist filled version of doge ball.  The games included everything from Tracker Jackers all the way to med kits, just like in the books and the movie! The night was a huge success and the MCC Hunger Games left everyone cheering and rooting for their districts!

Overall, the week was a huge success with tons of laughs and smiles. The campers and staff had a great time participating in all of the new and creative activities! The staff also did a great job to create our very own version of the Hunger games! Everyone’s competitive side as well as their creativity really came through this week! Hunger Games week will definitely be a memory that the kids will remember forever! We really hope to see everyone’s faces again this summer as well as summers to come!