Wrap Up: Camp 2013: Week 6


Week 6 brought with it our own personal celebration of the Olympics. The theme made for a very athletic and talent filled week. The campers and staff were eager to show off their own personal skills and earn compete in various competitions!  The week began with everyone being divided into 5 very random countries including; Venezuela, Guatemala, Djibouti, Zimbabwe, and Malaysia! Throughout the week these countries worked together in order to be the overall gold medalists of the MCC 2013 Olympics.

Per tradition, Tuesday night had the campers and staff enjoying the overnight. Everyone ventured out into the woods to their designated camp sites and enjoyed cooking and bonding by the fire. The evening continued with a camp-wide game of Scout at Big Rock. The kids practiced their ninja-like instincts in order to sneak all the way to Big Rock without being spotted. After the games ended, everyone headed back to their campsites for more cabin bonding time and a night under the stars.

On Wednesday night the camp was in full Olympic swing! The activities of the night included; a swimming relay, the long jump, the free throw, shot-put, and discuss. The campers were able to discover new games and talents all while having fun and competing for their teams! Though the goal of the games was to win medals for your country, the overall goal was to make the kids smile and have a fun time!

With the week winding down, the dance was a great way to celebrate all the fun we had had throughout the week. Everyone dressed in their favorite outfits and even bathed just took look their very best! The campers and staff danced all evening long and sang at the top of their lungs to all of their favorite songs. By the end of the night everyone was exhausted from all of the excitement and dancing and they were all ready for bed!

The week seemed to fly by with all of the fun filled activities and games which made the campers and staff sad to see the week come to an end. We hope that the week will forever be remembered by the campers and staff and that it will make for even more returning campers in the future! Again, we had another fantastic week this summer and we hope the fun and excitement only continues as the summer begins to wind down.