Wrap Up: Camp 2013: Week 7


Week 7 was an entertainment filled week with the theme of MCC Pop/Rock. With this them we decided to take the opportunity to showcase the many talents of the impressive group of individuals we have here at camp. The campers and staff were very excited about this and took every occasion to show off their many talents through various activities during the week! The events of the week allowed for us to see a side of the campers and staff that we haven’t yet seen. From ballroom dancing to Glee core and even Drama core, the kids had plenty of ways to express their creativity and talents.

For Monday night electives, the kids were able to choose from several activities which included ballroom dancing as well as basketball and gaga. Everyone had a really great time and several people even gained a new found skill in ballroom dancing. They also learned how to Tango and even how to do the Salsa. For the rest of the campers and staff, they enjoyed the traditional activities and had a great time playing laid back games for the evening.

Wednesday was a talent filled night with MCC very own talent show. In the beginning of the week the kids were told about the talent show so that they had plenty of time to prepareand practice for the big show! There were well over a dozen skits and performances with camper and staff participation alike! There were performances that included everything from beat-boxing to dance routines, all the way to water-chugging and rubix cubes! There was even a very special performance from our Glee core campers and staff! In all, there were many amazing talents and everyone enjoyed the entertainment of our very own MCC stars!

The dance is always great closer to the excitement of the week. As usual, everyone took the opportunity to spend quality time with their new found friends and they all spent the evening dancing and singing to all their favorite songs. We are always sad to see the week come to an end, however we hope that the memories and friendships made will last for a lifetime. Once again, we can confidently say that we had another successful week here a camp! We hope to see everyone back here at camp for more fun and excitement!