MCC 2018 Week 5

This week was the week of Olympics. At the beginning of the week the campers and staff cooked burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and s’mores out in the woods and had a good time.

In Arts & Crafts campers made laurel wreath crowns, invitations to the dance, created bubble wands out of wire and beads, which were extremely effective, as the photos on Facebook show. They also made their names in tape on a piece of paper, which they threw paint at and then peeled off their names.

At Music they were singing the song ‘Fly me to the moon’, they were playing a variety of instruments and practicing for their performance at Candlelight. In Drama they worked on characterization and plot, projection, as well as, some improvisation games.

The Wall was able to use the zipline and there were many upside down poses, while the climbing wall was scaled by several campers. At Sports they played soccer, basketball, Nuke ‘em, Gaga and hockey. Archery scored lots of bullseyes, which were added to the bullseye board in the dining hall.

CIT core included acting out scenarios, leadership roles and coming up with a CIT project to paint a mural on the pool house wall.

Outdoor Adventure hiked to the stream, did ropes’ elements, made forts and s’mores in the oven when it rained.

This week at the pool the campers were diving through hoops to collect rings and jewels at the bottom of the pool, playing water basketball, water polo, raft building, capture the flag and movies.

All camp was the MCC Olympic Games with Matty opening the ceremony in a toga, as a Greek God and holding a tiki torch. In his opening speech he highlighted the importance of good sportsmanship. The countries represented were: England, France, Poland and Ireland, whose teams had the colors of their respective flags painted on their faces.

The events competed in, were shotput (softballs thrown the furthest), discus (Frisbee thrown the furthest), field hockey, badminton and a relay race. There was some intense competition and penalty shoot outs involved in the hockey, with several surprising results. The shotput was thrown pretty far and there were a variety of techniques employed in the throwing of the discus.

England was the winning team and they were awarded their prize, which included a special award for good sportsmanship, which was also shared by France.

Electives this week included tie dye, board/card games and friendship bracelet making.

The dance had a mixture of tunes and was enjoyed by many, especially the choc chip cookies!